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No inbound_faFlightID when using howMany param


I’m using the FlightInfoStatus endpoint to find possible flights related to an ident. Currently I’m working on finding all the inbetween filghts within a multi leg flight by using the inbound_faFlightID. The problem is that I was using the howMany and offset params to do some sort of scrolling of the data, but for some reason when using these parameters, the inbound_faFlightID is omitted. I think this only happens when the howMany is greater than some specific value, but I’m not sure. I’m saying this because with a howMany of 5 I got the inbound, but with a howMany of 30 I didn’t. I just wanted to know if this is a bug or is this intended functionality.



This is intended. Due to the computational cost inbound_faFlightID field will only be included for queries that use a howMany of 15 or less.

Thanks for the insight