JSON API Ignoring hasMany and offset parameters.

Here’s the command I’m trying:

curl -u “:” flightxml.flightaware.com/json/F … &offset=10

Regardless of the “howMany” or “offset” parameters I’m specifying, I’m always receiving exactly the default 15 flights (no more, no less), starting from offset 0 (with a next_offset of 15, always)

I must be missing something here - anybody?

That request seems to work fine for me. Be sure that you are quoting the URL to curl, since the ampersand (&) character has special meaning to the shell. Note that to request a howMany greater than 15, you must call SetMaximumResultSize at least once for that user account.

Observe that the “next_offset” in the response to this request is (offset+howMany)=12.

flightxml.flightaware.com/json/F … &offset=10

{"ScheduledResult":{"next_offset":12,"scheduled":{"ident":"DAL236","aircrafttype":"B738","filed_departuretime":1347984900,"estimatedarrivaltime":1348000440,"origin":"KSFO","destination":"KDTW","originName":"San Francisco Intl","originCity":"San Francisco, CA","destinationName":"Detroit Metro Wayne Co","destinationCity":"Detroit, MI"},{"ident":"UAL361","aircrafttype":"B752","filed_departuretime":1347985020,"estimatedarrivaltime":1348004700,"origin":"KSFO","destination":"PHLI","originName":"San Francisco Intl","originCity":"San Francisco, CA","destinationName":"Lihue","destinationCity":"Lihue, HI"}]}}