API AirportBoards limits of flight returned FlightXML 3 Beta


When I make a call to the AirportBoards API with the following parameters and url :

{headers={Authorization=Basic XXX=}, jsonp=jsonp_callback, method=GET, payload={offset=0.0, airport_code=CDG, howMany=150.0, type=scheduled}, dataType=jsonp}

I only get 15 results and not 150. Whereas my current plan is SILVER.

For the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport it’s impossible that there are only 15 flight scheduled.

Do you know what is this issue ?

Also if I change the offset to 0 to 15 I get the same flights. So I don’t think that the offset works.

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This is a shot in the dark on my part, but try specifying your offset and howMany parameters as integers (without a decimal point).

Thank you Ottergoose you’re right !

In php I manage to use the application correctly without decimal. But in javascript they adjust my variable to decimal :confused:

So I use this code to correct the problem :
requestOptions = {
“airport_code”: aeroport,
“howMany”: num_vol_request.toString(),
“offset”: num_vol_offset.toString(),
“type”: “all”

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