FlightXML 3.0 AirportBoards Offset does not return different results

I am trying to paginate through AirportBoards results but seem to keep getting the same flights from each request. What am I doing wrong?

First Request:




Second Request, with offset=15




The returned flights are the same in each set.

Am I misunderstanding the offset/next_offset parameters? Reading other posts it seems people are not having an issue with pagination, and I’d expect to receive a -1 as next_offset when I reach the page limit.

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I’m not FlightAware staff, but, I might suggest passing a value of 0 instead of False for the include_ex_data parameter.

Good point. I changed the request to be include_ex_data=0, but I am still seeing the same next_offset returned regardless of the offset request parameter. I’ve also removed the howMany optional parameter and see the same behavior.

Are you on the free/started account, which doens’t support offsets, maybe?

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Yep - that’s the problem. Trying to debug my code with my free personal API key before I switch over to the paid account to get more data. Didn’t realize the free account doesn’t allow offsets.