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Offset and Next Offset values on Free Subscription

I have been trying to create POC for my client using free subscription. I know that free subscription is limited to only 15 rows.
I tried using following rest call for AirportBoards, and expecting to see next_offset 9 or 10 in my results. But I am getting next_offset value 6. Why is it not working for me?



The Starter Tier for FlightXML3 does not support the offset parameter. It will be forced to zero for Starter users in cases where it is set.

Thanks for your quick reply

I have one more question regarding pricing. I am planning to use FlightXML3. I am mainly interested in AirportBoards and weatherconditions data. AirportBoards default number of rows is 15. If I buy silver or higher subscription, I can get 150 rows at a time by using “howmany” parameter. I am looking for around thousand flights per Airport at a time. So planning to use offset and re-run the query until I get next_offset = -1. How should I calculate number of queries? is it 1000/15 or 1000/150? Please let me know.

A billable query is up to 15 results, so the calculation should be the 1000/15 version (67 queries).

If the number of results is less than the howMany then the queries are based off of what’s actually returned. For instance, if a howMany = 150 is set but only 100 results are returned then 7 queries are consumed, not 10.

Thanks for your reply. it helps a lot. But I still have one more question. If I take silver and leave auto upgrade option available, Then how would they charge for extra queries, after I reached my silver subscription limit.

The auto-upgrade would occur only if the Silver plan’s limit is exceeded. At that time the difference between the Silver and Gold plan would be billed immediately and the new limit would be effective for the current and future billing cycles.

After an auto-upgrade occurs the feature is disabled unless you chose re-enroll in it.