BAW213 with two records

Hello there… Newbie question, hope you can help: I’ve looked at BAW213 on 03/30: The flight shows up twice, once as faFlightID BAW13G-1522335214-1-0-37, and then a second time as BAW213-1522232309-airline-0294.

Now, the interesting thing is that the second flight shows as cancelled, the first one doesn’t. Can anybody tell me why that is?

Also, a more general question: All British Airways BAW flights tend to show a 10 minute departure delay (the airline appears to run departure as gate departure, FlightAware seems to use runway departure - which usually defaults to 10 minutes after gat departure).

I do not show either flight as cancelled on 3/30.

Hi cbw,

I just pulled the data again from the API and what I get for [“faFlightID”]=> string(30) “BAW213-1522232309-airline-0294” is [“cancelled”]=> bool(true). Which is very odd, because there is a second FlightID (BAW13G-1522335214-1-0-37) that has the same date/ident but [“cancelled”]=> bool(false).