I have been trying to track BAW279 from Heathrow to KLAX but Tracking only ever tells me that it only landed days previous. Why is this ?

See the frequently asked question page (FAQ), specifically for your answer.


Thanks for your reply Allen but it does not seem to track across FAA airspace either.

check out this thread.

With a lot of international flights, we never get a departure message, so we don’t know that they’re in the air until we get an arrival message.

… which is why Flight Tracker doesn’t see the flight when it’s in the air. However, if you look at one of the radar maps (click on the little map, upper right, on an airport activity page), you will see the flight if it’s in that area and far enough from other aircraft so that its ID block is displayed. You’ll be able to tell because the aircraft type won’t be displayed in the ID block.

Notice that if you enter the flight number into the Flight Tracker, the page for the flight will be displayed but you’ll be told that the flight hasn’t departed yet. Hence, there’s no tracking map for that flight. But it is on the radar map in its correct (six-minute-delayed) location.

I see AAL flights like that from Europe to KDFW all the time.