BAW219 not tracking


I notice that this flight has not been tracking since 26 march 2011. Since that date it only displays as Scheduled.
Why is this?

Is this the flight? It seems to be working for me. What browser are you using?

EDIT: It’s not working completely, it says Taxiing (pushed from gate 5 hours 8 minutes ago) It says this on Firefox, Safari and Chrome on my Mac.


Since March 26, it only shows Scheduled and then Taxiing. There is also no record of the flights since that date, except for the current day’s flight and the one scheduled for the next day.

BTW, there is no problem with BAW218 which is the return flight from Denver to Heathrow.


Looks like it operates as [flight]BAW19V[/flight].


Thanks for providing the answer! :smiley: