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Cancelled flights not showing as cancelled

The accuracy of cancelled flights is still really inaccurate. A google search of the flight number shows canceled for multiple flights every day but the website as well as FlightXML shows the flight is still going. There are a few hints the flight may be cancelled such as missing gate info and or presence in FindFlight.

For example, as of writing the entire FlightAware platform thinks AAL1888 on 5/16 is departing in 25 minutes. However a google search of the flight number shows cancelled from the Google API. If google knows its cancelled, how come FlightAware doesn’t?

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We have identified an issue where conflicting FAA and schedule information is causing flights to show as scheduled when they should not. We are working on a fix.

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Would this coincide with the flight now showing for FlightInfoStatus?

For example I am searching Airline Schedules, showing the flight, searching FlightInfo and not getting the cancellation in the results. This is causing me to have a mismatch between what I show as a valid flight vs what is actually cancelled?

Just want to be clear so I can account for that on my end.

Will the invoices be rectified accordingly? We have had very incorrect data for Apil for DLH.