Flights not present at API but present at site


I’ve been observing a weird behaviour with an airport in specific LPPD.
At your site I’m having more flights than the flights that are being returned by WebServices API.

Data available at site

En Route

All the information regarding the local flights is not present, examples:
SAT448, SAT105, etc

Can you please check hy is this information is not being sent?

Best Regards,

The database queries used by the website for those 4 sections are slightly different from the ones used by FlightXML, so they will not always match exactly. The time ranges are a little different and the criteria for sorting aircraft between the sections are probably not quite identical, for legacy reasons. Flights that are not ever tracked with an actual departure time are probably reflected slightly differently.

I’m having support calls because not all flights appear, and if I go to the site the flights are there!
How can I have the same results?

Can you please share with me what should I pass to my webservices API to get the same flights, that you’ve at the web page?

Unfortunately, the FlightAware website does not internally use FlightXML for its implementation so there is no way to specify arguments that will perform the same behavior as our website.