FlightXML API not finding flights



I have been testing FlightXML for the past few days and I cannot understand why some of the flights are available via API and others are not (while all are visible on http://flightaware.com/live/). For example I managed to get faFlightID using GetFlightID([‘ident’ => ‘DLH1835’ , ‘departureTime’ => 1507989000]); but different flight GetFlightID([‘ident’ => ‘DLH2082’ , ‘departureTime’ => 1508000700]); returned no data.

I’m using ICAO flight numbers as recommended. I tried to turn off " Show position-only flights" but it didn’t help. I also noticed that all the flights that were not found by the API were also missing in FlightRadar24.


The scheduled time is 1508000400 not 1508000700. You can see there is a 5 minute difference in actual time and scheduled time. It appears you were using actual instead of scheduled.