Some flights not returned / wrong data

I’m using FlightXML for a new app that i’m building.
Now I am trying to get the flights that are departing from a specific airport to a other airport within a date/timestamp.
This does work, except that FlightXML does not return all the flights and most of the times wrong departure times.

For example, when I search on SkyScanner for today I get allot of flights that are not being returned or have wrong departure times:

And when I use the same query … 5&offset=0

It returns not all airliners/flights that are departing, just 2 of them. That is strange, because when I look on the map that you cover, The Netherlands and London are covered.


So sometimes, when I search for a flight it does not show up. When they do show-up then they have the wrong departure times, sometimes 30 minutes and other times 2 hours. When I search the flight on Google it shows the correct times.

How can I fix this?

Those timestamps look fine to me, they match what Google says.

$ TZ='Europe/Amsterdam' date -d '@1459842900'
Tue Apr  5 09:55:00 CEST 2016
$ TZ='Europe/London' date -d '@1459846500'
Tue Apr  5 09:55:00 BST 2016

$ TZ='Europe/Amsterdam' date -d '@1459885800'
Tue Apr  5 21:50:00 CEST 2016
$ TZ='Europe/London' date -d '@1459889400'
Tue Apr  5 21:50:00 BST 2016

Thank you for input.

But those do not match the Flights with that specific FlightNumber, for example:

I search on FlightRadar for a flight that is about to departure, in this case UAL959. It’s about to departure from London.

Then I will put the flightnumber in FlightXML. … 5&offset=0

{"AirlineFlightSchedulesResult":{"next_offset":-1,"data":{"ident":"AUA7853","actual_ident":"UAL959","departuretime":1459865400,"arrivaltime":1459898100,"origin":"EGLL","destination":"KORD","aircrafttype":"B763","meal_service":"Eerste klas: Diner / Business: Diner / Economy: Diner","seats_cabin_first":6,"seats_cabin_business":26,"seats_cabin_coach":151},{"ident":"ACA5365","actual_ident":"UAL959","departuretime":1459865400,"arrivaltime":1459898100,"origin":"EGLL","destination":"KORD","aircrafttype":"B763","meal_service":"","seats_cabin_first":6,"seats_cabin_business":26,"seats_cabin_coach":151},{"ident":"DLH9356","actual_ident":"UAL959","departuretime":1459865400,"arrivaltime":1459898100,"origin":"EGLL","destination":"KORD","aircrafttype":"B763","meal_service":"Eerste klas: Diner / Business: Diner / Economy: Diner","seats_cabin_first":6,"seats_cabin_business":26,"seats_cabin_coach":151},{"ident":"BEL9089","actual_ident":"UAL959","departuretime":1459865400,"arrivaltime":1459898100,"origin":"EGLL","destination":"KORD","aircrafttype":"B763","meal_service":"","seats_cabin_first":6,"seats_cabin_business":26,"seats_cabin_coach":151},{"ident":"UAL959","actual_ident":"","departuretime":1459865400,"arrivaltime":1459898100,"origin":"EGLL","destination":"KORD","aircrafttype":"B763","meal_service":"Eerste klas: Diner / Business: Diner / Economy: Diner","seats_cabin_first":6,"seats_cabin_business":26,"seats_cabin_coach":151}]}}

When I convert those epoch times I get the following result, Tue, 05 Apr 2016 14:10:00 GMT. Then I Google the flightnumber it does not match the data I get back from FlightXML:

So those are the wrong departure times, and those are crucial for the app. Also some flights are actually not showing up in the FlightXML feed.

Google and FR24 are showing local time, not UTC/GMT. London is currently UTC+1. The epoch timestamp is correct:

$ TZ='Europe/London' date -d '@1459865400'
Tue Apr  5 15:10:00 BST 2016

Aaah I see, I was filtering out flights that have no Actual_ident.
Why are some actual_idents missing for some flights that I query with FlightSchedule?

Only flights that are operating as a codeshare of another will have an actual_ident. If there is no actual_ident, then the flight is actually just itself.