Flights marked as 'Cancelled' while their not


I learned from responses on this forum that flights with the 3 fields ‘actualdeparturetime’, ‘estimatedarrivaltime’ & ‘actualarrivaltime’ set to -1 are considered cancelled. When values are still 0, it means the value is still unknown. This approach seems legit.

For the past few weeks, I’ve seen too many flights being marked as cancelled while they actually happened. This is very unfortunate as our service depends on the quality of FlightAware’s data. We’ve been cross checking lots of flights with other sources and with feedback from our customers and I’m afraid there must be something going wrong in the decision making deep into FlightAware’s code.

Could you have a look into this please or explain on what ground a flight is considered cancelled?

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In areas with poor coverage, we may not receive enough information to lets us verify that the flight has actually departed (either positions or departure or arrival messages). If enough time passes and we do not receive any indication that the flight has occurred, we intentionally mark it cancelled in our system.