Flight/Tail # Default

Notice that my cursor is now defaulting to the Flight/tail # box.

Really annoying! :frowning:

Any way to change that?


Guess you can’t satisfy everyone. I like it defaulting to the flight id box. The best thing would be if each user could determine where the cursor defaults to.

Me likey!! Thanks FA

I personally do NOT like the new default. I now have to click the screen each time I want to scroll up or down cause the cursor is set to the Flight/Tail# box. I vote to get rid of it.

Using Firefox in a Windows environment, I don’t have to click the screen. I just scroll down using the wheel on my mouse.

I’m on a laptop with no mouse with a ball.

Given my druthers, I wish my desktop had a touchpad and I would ditch my mouse…

That said, not on my laptop currently, but tested this out here on my desktop.

Push the tab key once and that should take you to the button Track Any flight button.

Then you can (or should) be able to use the page down button or I think scroll down as you did in the past to go lower on the web page without clicking on the window or making the window the “active”.

I’m using a laptop, also, but have a mouse attached to it.

What do you have, a Trackpad?

All of my laptops have Trackpoints and it’s irrelevant where the blinking cursor is when I scroll.

I’m on a laptop with a touch pad but I’m using a wireless mouse with a scroll wheel. The best of all worlds! :stuck_out_tongue:

The cursor going to flight/tail # must be a new feature. I’ve started typing replies to topics in the flight # box a couple of times today. Don’t recall that happening.

The cursor defaulting to the flight ID box seems to be making the forum work incorrectly. I think this was alluded to in another post - couldn’t quite figure out what the poster was saying.

When I click on the new posting icon, I’m sent to the top of the page rather than the first new posting.


I tend to use the up and down arrows to scroll the pages, but then the cursor defaults to the flight/tail #, I have to click the screen so the cursor is no longer blinking on the flight/tail #, then use the arrows to scroll and have to do this every time I switch pages.

Try my suggestion above, tab key once to free the blinking cursor, then down arrow to scroll down or up arrow to scroll up.

That should get you going mouse free.

Keyboard shortcuts can be addictive :smiley:

I was getting debug mode alot yesterday I think.

Call Orkin! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I do the same thing and can’t stand always having to click the screen somewhere to get it out of the box.
It was perfect before, wish it could be put back.

That would be great.

Anybody know why it was changed?

I recall someone requesting this a while back (RobK?), but I’m pretty sure the implementation was unintentional.

Well now it’s not doing it anymore and is working for me like before.

Glad it’s worked out, thanks!