Disable map scrolling?


I don’t know if anyone else views this as an issue, but I find that using the mouse wheel to attempt to scroll up or down a page is almost an impossibility. The reason I say is that once the cursor is on a map, the mouse wheel zooms or shrinks the map instead of page scrolling. Almost an impossibility because a flight map will take up nearly 80% of the page width and nearly impossible to avoid it.
Some may like it, but I prefer using the map controls for zooming or shrinking vs. the mouse wheel. If it would be possible to disable or eliminate this ability, life on FA would be much nicer…for me anyway.


The map taking up 80% of the page width is highly unusual, in all the browsers we’ve tested it’s less than 50% of the width. What flight are you looking at in what browser with what screen resolution? Can you post a screenshot?


O.K. Maybe 75%. Screen capture is with Firefox maximized at 1366x768. When I open FA I have this as my start page.


Just tried Iron browser (uses a Chrome shell) and the map takes up exactly 50%. Noticed that the Flash ad is gone from Firefox and the map takes up that space.


Yea, we don’t design for revenue blocking users. Should be more usable with ads un-blocked.


Well that’s nice. Do you have any idea how many people I’ve referred to this site?


Even at 50%, it is still very annoying that unless the cursor is moved to the far left or far right of the screen the cursor ends up on the map and scrolling of the page stops. It would be much better if the user had to click on the map to change the scale rather than having it done automatically.