Please Disable Scroll-Wheel Zoom on Map

Nearly every time I visit FlightAware, I flick my scroll wheel down to view more of the page. Since my mouse pointer is usually positioned above the map, the page does not scroll down as desired. Instead, I have to wait several seconds for the map to zoom out.

It’s not the end of the world, but it is certainly annoying.

Because the map takes up a lot of screen space, and because the primary purpose of the airport activity page is to present the information above and below the page break, I recommend that you disable the “scroll-to-zoom” function on the map.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

I second this.

Get rid of the ability to zoom via the scroll wheel. I’d rather be able to go to the page and use my scroll wheel immediately to scroll down the page.

Too many times I scroll down only to find out that I zoomed out on the map instead!

I have on of these, so I don’t have that trouble:

I would agree with WhiskeyNovember and Damiross. Ninety percent of the time I scroll down and then realized that the map is zooming out, instead of the page scrolling.


Does it only happen when your mouse pointer is over the map?

Yes. What usually happens is that I go to a page with a map on it and roll the scroll wheel. Unfortunately the cursor is on the map. Instead of going down the page like I wanted to I just get a highly zoomed out map.

(I gotta pick on Mr. David. . . Ya just can’t pass it up)

Usually you tell someone to google something, and you tell them they’re lazy because they don’t. . . . . You have to be EXTREMELY lazy if you can’t even move your mouse over a couple of inches to the side, and then scroll down! :laughing:

It’s not laziness, just that it is not realized that you are on top of the map until you have already scrolled waiting for the page to display. Maybe it could be classified a little more as inpatience. :slight_smile: I am very guilty of this one though.

I know. . . Like I said:

I gotta pick on Mr. David. . .

'fraid I have to agree with this sentiment as well - annoying but not critical.

How about having to click on the map before the scroll/zoom becomes functional?? Page opens - mouse pointer over map but scroll moves page not map.