Scroll wheel on map freezes

If I use the scroll wheel while the mouse is on any of the maps, my browser freezes and I keep getting unresponsive script warnings, which even if I try to stop them doesn’t help, and it takes several minutes of those before it can recover.

I don’t do this on purpose. It’s just a natural reaction since the scroll wheel works on every other map on every other website.

This is on two different browsers (Pale Moon and K-meleon, both Mozilla/Gecko based), on two different PC’s. I’ve read the same thing happens in Firefox.

Can you post the info from for either of those?

It’s working in Firefox 44.0.2 for me.

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FYI … 880,page=4
about - it has js-problem only when zooming by mousewheel.
P.S. And this is general Gecko glitch - not KM specific one. Firefox has the same problem there.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. After a bit of digging, I discovered the problem, which as far as I can tell is unique to K-meleon (and, I suppose, Pale Moon as well). When a user uses the mousewheel to zoom the map, we center the zoom action on the cursor location, the idea being that whatever is under the cursor might be what you’re interested in getting a closer look at. To do this, we get the cursor location from the mousewheel event - but for whatever reason, in K-meleon only, the cursor location doesn’t get passed along, which results in snowballing issues.

I’ve added some fallback logic to handle this case, which should fix your issue. This change will be out in production tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday) around 1600 Central.