Flight Tracking

Does anyone know how to re order the flight tracking by operator so that the data block is above the graphical picture? Our data info falls off the bottom of the screen if we don’t scroll down. Any ideas?

I love these informative subject lines. Gee! A question about flight tracking on FlightAware.

(Better post this on the other topic with the same subject so it doesn’t feel jilted!)

How about a subject line that is informative like “how do I rearrange the tracking page?”

Answering the question: I don’t believe it’s possible. As a work-around, you can try adjusting the screen resolution or just scroll.

If you have ever used the fleet tracking page you would notice that when the site refreshes it loads the page from the top again, thus cancelling where you scrolled.

I have used it and it’s not that big of a deal to scroll back down to where you were.

If you are tracking one particular flight, why not open the flight in a new window or tab?

I want to track a fleet of aircraft and we are displaying it on a large screen TV. I was just hoping to avoid walking across the room every 20 mins to scroll down to get the data details.

Which browser are you using? I think some browsers will maintain where you scrolled to when the page refreshes, but I forget which ones.

Firefox keeps your same position after a refresh.

Safari too.