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Is it my computer, or does everybody have to scroll down to see the actual flight information? Every time it refreshes, I have to scroll down again to see it…Not sure I like that. I track at least a dozen flights a day or more for my work and this just creates more work to do…

I’m not sure I understand your problem, could you post a representative link?

What setting have you selected in your profile, arrivals before departures or vice versa?

Same problem here. All the input text is at the top of the screen, then you have to scroll down to see the flight data. It wasnt like this yesterday!

I have the same thing. Basically, you have your mouse-over menu at the top left. The Flight Tracker options are expanded outward to take up (on my screen) about 2/3 of the way across. Below that is the “Google Ads” area with another grey bar going about 1/2 way across the screen. THEN, below that you begin all of the flight info (map, to/from, etc) but where the aircraft owner info usually is, there is just the dark grey box. HOWEVER, when you put your cursor over it, you still get the owner address, etc.

I am saying it is a bug that they are probably working on.

EDIT: Or, you could do what was just done above my post…

No problem here. I’m using Firefox. What browser are you using?

Both IE7 & Firefox…same issue on both


I can’t hear you!!! so there!!!</remove ears from fingers>

Ears in finger, huh…TALENT!!!

Just tried it out on two other machines in the house.

Same problem with IE, however working fine on firefox.

I’m not having any problems with either FF or IE7!

Looks like this may have been an amateur mistake when we rolled out some back-end changes last night. Is this fixed now?

same here. using IE

it is fixed now. Thanks for the quick response

Thanks for the feedback, guys, and sorry for the inconvenience. We rolled out a performance improvement last night that should have been transparent to everyone.

Great!! Much easier to use, thanks for the quick fix