Since the animation of aircraft began I can no longer hover over the aircraft and get info such as origin/destination, altitude and speed. I am getting two small green dots or dash/slash where that info used to be. I have to click on the plane and leave the activity screen and go to the screen with info on that specific flight. I really liked the ability to compare nearby aircraft w/o leaving the activity screen. Am I doing something wrong…do the dots and dashes mean that this info will be forthcoming as the changes develop?

Thanks for any response!

Which browser are you using?

Are you pointing at a blue flight to/from an airport or a green vicinity flight?

Also, are you not seeing the hover box on all flights or just some specific ones?

I am using IE8 and am not getting info on any flight regardless of the color of the image.

I also get an alert that there is a problem with my email address. I have re-entered my address numerous times and still get the alert. Would it help to delete the application and re-install?

Email problems are unrelated to the app. Your email provider is bouncing messages back to us. You need to contact them to determine why they’re doing that.

I have no idea what happened but the info on the tracking screen mysteriously reappeared! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yes, we fixed the bug.