Flight not displayed

I have a flight airborn right now that isn’t displayed. The aircraft is N551CN. Our tail number is blocked when we operate most flights. This particular flight is for the Veterans Airlift Command, operating under the call sign HRF551, (Hero Flight 551). I have tried here and also on FLTPLAN.COM, which handles our call sign blocking. The flight is not displayed on either site. We should be able to track our own blocked flights, but this one falls outside the blocking parameters. I know the clearance was picked up in the air and I called the pilot on the satphone to verify he is active IFR. Plan is from KDUA to KLDM.
Is there a glitch at my end or somewhere else?

flightaware.com/live/flight/HRF5 … /KGAD/KRDU
Hero Flights aren’t military.

These are not military flights. I have tracked our aircraft all over the states and this is the first time that tracking hasn’t worked. I’m at a loss to know why.

Can you please provide us with the following? I will send this information to our bug department so they can further investigate.

How and when the flight plan was filed

Flight plan was filed using fltplan.com. It was either filed last night or early this morning. The clearance was picked up after departure. Original plan was KDUA to KLAF. His final destination was to be KLDM. He diverted in flight to KLDM. Since then, he has activated another flight plan under the same call sigh, HRF551 with another follow on plan as well. None of these are showing up, but a flight he did last month still shows.


Just found out the pilot filed with the wrong call sign. The one you linked to is the one I filed.
Sorry for the confusion.