Flight MON329 October 13

Map tracking stopped at 10:30 ET, although status(speed, altitude, ETTA) was updated. Bug? :question:

No. Has to do with international flights. Please search the forum and the questions/answers.

To those who will complain about me not giving him the exact location to go to: I don’t have time to research it right now.

NP - and to the others, be thankful that we have someone that is this responsive to questions, we do not need every last detail spelled out for us.

FA gets all its info from FAA / NAV Canada. Once flight transfers from Gander Oceanic to European control, flight track stops. This is true with flights from NA to Europe / Asia.

On flights inbound to NA, flight tracks / logs will not show up until an arrival notice has been issued by local / center controller. You can, however, track these flights on local maps if you can anticipate the flight path.

Like **Dami **said, FAQ’s and forum ( search function ) are a great place to find common questions.