Tracking INOP

Tracking for ORD has stopped at 1105CT.

I should go into more detail I guess. For the activity at ORD, nothing is being updated. You can click on the list of scheduled departures or enroute and see they have taken off or landed, but the ORD page is not updating any of this. Again, it appears to be stuck around 1105 am CT.

It appears to be fixed now.

Thanks. :astonished:

Automatic updating has stopped for ORD again effective 10:22am CT.

Hmm. There must be a glitch somewhere. After hitting refresh 3 times, the tracking page for ORD updated but some planes enroute still have the estimated time of departure in italics, not the actual departure time listed. :cry:

Email me the next time you observe this; the lag for me to see forums posts is too long to be effective.

Tracking stopped at ORD effective 650pm CT tonight as of 11:30pm CT. I have a screen shot. Who should I email?

mduell at flightaware

Hmm, must be one of the database servers stopped updating. We’re looking at it.