Flight duration question / bug?


See flightaware.com/live/flight/N194 … O/tracklog

Then see flightaware.com/live/flight/N194 … /KGNF/KMBO where it says duration was 43 minutes.

Looking at tracklog, duration appears to be 36 minutes. Any idea on discrepancy? Trek log time looks accurate from real person experiences as it was too short a ride :slight_smile:

On my flight up to Grenada MS, had head winds and my flight was 45 minutes which matches the flight log. flightaware.com/live/flight/N194 … /KMBO/KGNF



Note that your track log begins somewhere around 3000’ and ends at 2800’, which may account for the 7 minutes that aren’t recorded there. (I take it the first 6000’ alt. reading was just the assigned [not real time at that point] altitude, as has been discussed in many other forums) Why the track log begins and ends where it does is not clear to me. I’d ask if you cancelled IFR early, but I guess if you did it would end on the flight page as well, correct?

You didn’t go wheels up at 3K ft., did you? :wink:


I picked up my IFR in the air and at the end of the flight, cancelled in the air. Both airports are uncontrolled airports.

Since my gear is fixed and welded, no wheels up at 3K :smiley:

The track on map is consistent with where I first made contact with Memphis Center, 3000 was where I received my clearance. I called into Center at about 2300 feet. Grenada is an uncontrolled airport. The first entry 6000 was the altitude I filed, so I wasn’t surprised to see that as the first entry in the tracklog.

And yes, I cancelled IFR early in the air, as I had the airport in sight and there was no traffic between me and the airport. In fact, I was cleared for the visual approach on my initial descent as I had the airport in sight.

I routinely cancel right around where the track ended on the map.

So, in a nutshell, the track on the map is consistent with when I was in contact with ATC. and the lack of track is where I was VFR.

The time on the tracklog looks consistent with the tailwinds I had as compared to my leg up to GNF.

The time where the map is not consistent with the tracklog when you look at the begin time and end time of the track log.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N194 … /KGNF/KMBO says 43 minutes

flightaware.com/live/flight/N194 … O/tracklog says 36 minutes.

One of these durations would be descrepant?



This is easy… You have your choice of two times to log!!

11:56 - 12:39 **43 minutes goes into the pilot log book…

11:57 - 12:33 **(7 minutes less) 36 minutes gets billed toward the flight time on the engine…

Feel free to gimme a call if you need help with any tax questions too!! :wink:


Ha, maybe that’s it!

Map tracker wasn’t reading my transponder, but the engine tach time and the track log was reading my analogue clock :smiley: