Inconsistent track log results


Sometimes a track log returns the whole flight, sometimes just the first 12 datapoints. Why? I tried … I/tracklog shows just 12 minutes of the flight, sometimes it shows the whole thing.

I noticed too that the HTML that returns sometimes has an extra character in it – if I specify the wrong time, for instance, the page has a link to click on that says “Flight > N70U > 06Nov2007 > KWVI-KSNS” but the URL that link points to is … I/tracklog (note the extra Z)

I suspect this is a bug in handling a flight that files a new flightplan enroute, which is what happened here. The plan was SNS-WVI but after flying to and beyond WVI they filed back to SNS which was below VFR. I wanted to see the whole route, which I can sometimes but not consistently.

Is there documentation for the options available in this simple public API, or is that only available for FlightXML?


You are spot on with the ’ bug ’ If there is a deviation in the filed flight plan, the track log will be deplayed as incomplete ‘rare’ cases. Such as a request for clearance to a new altitude to avoid turbulance at the original assigned altitude.

" simple public API " :unamused:


You don’t say whether the flight began VFR, but being that you imply it by saying the airport was below VFR, you may want to check the FAQ for pop up IFR.



Not quite sure I agree with this assessment. I have never had a flight incomplete from changed altitude requests or any deviation from my original flight plan such as a new waypoint whether it be ATC initiated or my own. I have many flights were I have requested changes and been approved and tracked to completion or an expected drop off to an approach controller.

I have only had one divert, and my flight track dropped not from the divert, but from me going from center to approach controller (KLIT) so I can’t say whether that’s a contributing factor to dropped tracks.



I agree. Amended flight plans are the norm when flying in crowded southern California airspace and neither they nor my weather diverts typically cause my flight track to drop.


I have!

Not often, but flight track becomes incomplete at the point at which the clearance for new assigned altitude was granted.

No example right now, but I’ll look.

Here’s one: … /CYYZ/CYDF

and another: … /CYYZ/CYDF

and another: … /CYYZ/CYDF

and one more: … /CYYZ/CYDF

None of these flights are diverts, just change in altitude to avoid turbulance. I would say the issue can be found in plan changes handled at Moncton or Gander Centers. The only other issue that may cause this is a transfer to / from Boston Center to Moncton Center.


It was not a popup flight. There was a filed flightplan from SNS to WVI, which was amended once before takeoff for a delay, and amended again once in the air. The second amendment can be seen as the reverse route, WVI-SNS. But the track log history only shows the original SNS-WVI flight. Not sure how I would deal with it, given the sparse information in the ASDI feed ;|


Did you by any chance read what was in red below the map on each flight???




I am quite aware of the red below, however, the two air navigation systems are interconnected to a point where there is really no difference. The same dropping of tracks can be found with domestic U.S. flights as well. No example yet but I will get some soon.

I consistently use FlightAware for work and my own travels and find that it is spot on for all flights in my neck of the woods.

The " red " , from my experience, does really apply for airports / flights in the Canadian far north, above 65 degrees and away from local areas with radar.

This airport is outside of FlightAware’s service area and will only show data on flights to/from FlightAware’s service area and be generally unreliable

According to the red, if the flights I cited are indeed out of FA’s service area, than I should not be able to see any domestic Canadian flights at all ( CYDF to CYYT for example ) because FA will only display flights within / to / from FA’s service area.