route and altitude


I think it’s a good product and I’ve been using it to watch my recent flights. I’ve noticed a couple issues that you’re probably aware of:

route- the route show is the route I filed rather than the route actually flown. (Yesterday my route changed before takeoff from the filed route but the filed route was shown in the history).

altitude-the altitude shown in the track log isn’t accurate. Yesterday my altitude never exceeded fl200 but fl220 is shown in the track log. (The controller asked me if I could accept fl220 and was going to give it to me but apparently couldn’t because the next sector wouldn’t take it.)



Hi, Mike.

Yeah, we’re aware of this. It was never a big deal until we started working on route overlay maps on our development sandbox. You can expect that we’ll take care of this and have an ability to view both.

That’s very interesting. Could you please post your tail number, or e-mail it to support so that we can take a look at that?



The flight was yesterday from GON to ESN.

There was a similar altitude issue on the log for the outbound flight earlier yester (ESN to GON). The log for the outbound showed a couple points early in the flight as being way too high, then lower, then a normal climb profile.



Hi, Mike. We fixed this on our development system a long time ago but it looks like the fix never transitioned to our production environment. I just pulled the trigger on it and you shouldn’t see that glitch ever again. Sorry for the confusion, but thanks for the sharp eye.


Thanks. That’s good news.