Erroneous Altitude Report (?)


While it’s still there:

This was my flight thismorning. Note:
03:14 3945N/9132W 210 13000
03:15 3942N/9128W 210 13000
**03:16 3940N/9125W 215 5000 **
03:17 3937N/9122W 215 12400
03:18 3934N/9119W 221 11900

The 03:16 entry at 5000’ was actually a request by me to KC for “pilot descretion to 5000”. I’m wondering if your source feed data is incorrectly interpreting ?

  • Greg


We’ve seen this bug for many flights. Often during a climb or descent, a radar facility (in addition the the primary one that is tracking you, and sometimes far far away) will start sending messages claiming the flight is at it’s filed cruise altitude. I’ll see if I can dig up a link to an example of this.
We’re developing some intelligence in the back end system to detect these bogus altitude reports and filter them out.