track log

on my last few flights, when I click on the “track log” link, it doesn’t bring up the log as in the past. Anyone know why?

Tail/Flight #?


I get the following message when I try:

**Service Interruption **
We’re sorry, but FlightAware has encountered an unrecoverable error and is unable to process your request at this time. Please wait a few moments and try your request again. If the problem persists, please contact us.
can’t read “flight(firstPositionTime)”: no such element in array while executing “if {$flight(firstPositionTime) - $startTime < 900} { set ::plotAirport($flight(origin)) “” set ::plotAirport($flight(destination)) “” set historic…” (procedure “get_track_over_time” line 10) invoked from within “get_track_over_time $trackstreamSocket flightData $startTime $endTime dummy” (procedure “::mapscriptflightaware::get_track_over_time_external_api” line 5) invoked from within “::mapscriptflightaware::get_track_over_time_external_api $TSsocket $ident $departuretime $arrivaltime” (procedure “flightaware_trackflight_trackstream_history_htmlout” line 6) invoked from within “flightaware_trackflight_trackstream_history_htmlout $ident $departuretime $arrivaltime” (“pg_select” body line 34) invoked from within “pg_select $asdidb $sql data { if {$data(blocked) == 1} { if {[flightaware_blockUserAuthCheck $ident]} { ## ## flight is blocked, u…” (procedure “flightaware_trackflight_trackstream_history” line 19) invoked from within “flightaware_trackflight_trackstream_history $ident $history” (in namespace eval “::request” script line 62) invoked from within “namespace eval request { puts -nonewline “” # # $Id: flight_airborne_history.rvt,v 1.11 2006/04/14 07:41:45 dbaker Exp $ # flightaware_startpage #…”

I think it’s a glitch somewhere.

Half the flight tracks out of PTK don’t show at all until after they land, then half the time the track log will be there. :confused:

Yes – it’s an issue we’re actively working on.

Believe this is fixed.

yes, seems to be. thanks

Flights still don’t have tracks.

This may be a problem with KPTK cause I only notice it when planes are to/from PTK. … /KDRT/KPTK

1353Z, plane is 42mins into the flight, with no map track or data.

This is what I am talking about…

(IF261 (TSU261) Gulf and Caribbean Cargo Flight Tracking and History 17-Apr-2007 (KRWI-KALB) - FlightAware)

Here is another missing track:

Any idea why this is happening?!

Which one is missing? You should use the specific flight link when asking a question like this. … /KCYS/KAZO

That was the flight, but once again, once it lands, the track shows up.

See my post from the 17th with a picture of what it looks like.

And again, 35 mins left on a 1hr 5 min flight and no track. … /KPTK/KAZO … rivaltime=