Trip Logs



I am not able to view any Trip Logs! Anyone else having this


Are you talking about the *track *logs? If so, then click on the “track log” link at the end of the status line **after **the flight has ended.

examples: … N/tracklog … L/tracklog


That is what I am doing however in the last few days I get a "data is unavailable messege! cannot figure out what has happened?


Can you give some specific flights that you are looking up?


I just noticed that it works on some flight but not others. Try N325CS


I noticed it’s working for the flights today (15 Jun). I’m pretty sure you need to wait until the flight is completed before you can get the log.

Here’s the URL for the 2nd flight today: … /KCHO/KMCO



Track logs are normally available during flights and do not have to be completed. It will read enroute while you are in the air, and change to tracklog after landing, therefore, your question still remains outstanding. … O/tracklog shows No data current available and hopefully Flight Aware staff who know the innards of the website will chime in shortly to answer your question.

Interestingly enough, it’s not only the recent flights, a random sampling of May flights yields the same result when looking at tracklogs on the above tail number. Checked on my own tail number and I am able to pull up the tracklog so it doesn’t seem to be a system wide problem.


As pointed out by someone else, clicking on “enroute” will bring up the track data. However, this isn’t the only thing you can click on. You may also see a flight status of “arriving shortly.” Clicking on that will also bring up the track data.

I use the track data to put the flights into Google Earth so I really don’t have any need for track data for active flights. Sorry for the misinformation I gave earlier.