duration 0.00


New here.
What’s with that? Why is duration 0.00?


The arrival/cancellation message had the same timestamp as the departure message; that’s a 0 minute IFR flight as far as we know.


So if the aircraft never took off, why does the Live Flight Tracker show a small green line, and the Track Log show activity?


Take a look at the track log; we recieved a few positions for the flight after the arrival/cancellation message.
Most likely the pilot can canceled IFR early or ATC made a mistake with their system.


mduell-- Is there a reason the departure was 0316 PM GMT and arrival shows 0916 AM MDT? These times would be the same right?? Hence the 0:00 reading?? Just a guess…


The departure was from an airport (KEIK) that we don’t know about (EIK is probably a VOR), so we use GMT for the time zone. 0316 GMT is 0916 MDT.