Why does my flight show a duration of 1:32 when it was actually 2:45?



Failure to allow for Central time on departure?


Actually he did allow based on central time… Website does this for us.

Proposed 9:30 with an arrival of 12:15. Actual departure was only 3 minutes later.

Departure 09:30AM 09:33AM
Arrival 12:15PM 11:05AM

Looks to me that his arrival time some how did get messed up. Track log times look ok, so I dont’ get it myself.

Tracjklog does have a 11:05 entry so maybe somehow ATC inadvertantly terminated / cancellation recieved his IFR clearance and then picked it back up??? The inadvertant termination showed up as an arrival time. My guess for what it’s worth.



Yes, but perhaps not this time?

His track page is showing Departure: 10:33AM EDT, Arrival: 12:05PM EDT. I hazard a guess that it should show a 09:33 CDT departure.



Looks like we got an erroneous arrival message at 16:19Z that claimed a 16:05Z arrival. The tracking system for the mapping software detected it and mapped the flight correctly, but the arrival/departure “boards” aren’t receiving the corrections yet.

By the way, the “enroute” times are all calculated in Zulu, so there’s no regard for timezones.


TYS Knoxville and WAY are both eastern time. The outbound flight on Oct 6 had about the right duration 2:21. Great tail wind!

Thanks DBaker

Roger Bock


Did you over estimate your flight time in your flight plan for 2 hours 45 minutes???

You filed 120 knots and never exceeded that during your flight except for your descent.

I generally am within 5 to 10 minutes of my actual flight time duration.

I always file with my IAS of 110 knots and use the GS for my estimated time enroute.




With wheel pants on, 8,000 ft, 75% power I actually get the book’s 127 knots. Without, about 120 knots. They are removed for Oshkosh and reinstalled at annual, typically Oct or Nov.

I fly TYS AFJ (near WAY) lots and lots. AFJ was closed so my routine was scrambled.

For the WAY TYS flight no wheel pants, big bigtail wind, 140+ kts at times.

For the TYS WAY a forecast head wind turned out to be a cross wind, saw 118 - 120 kts on the meter.

All tooooo complex for the requirements. Heck its usually 2:45 and I just throw in a nominal 120 kts.

Also I ask/get radar vectors direct most of the time Vfr gps). This trip was nice so we flew the filed plan, till I got hungry and got direct near the end.



Hey Roger,

Bear with me as I am a little confused. You filed victor highways due to being /U? You filed VXV V115 AZQ V331 ECB V119 GALLS so I was guessing your ETA was based on that. Since I installed my Garmin 430, I haven’t filed /U in eons. Was it hard to get an amended clearance?

Once you launched, I can see you requesting vectors / direct which would cut down on your time. So was your estimate based on your filing or direct route estimate?

Gotchya on your tailwinds… Call me confused!

I was looking at your return flight rather then your departure flight. Yep, I’d say you had some nice tailwinds!

Surprised ATC didn’t put a speed restriction on you :smiley:




Was it hard to get an amended clearance? …Depends on how busy ATC is and the personality of the controller. Some nice very busy controllers handle the request other controllers will not do it even when very slow. I get it on first request about 60% of the time and if not try the next controller. Works best saving distance, if done early in the flight.

Once you launched, I can see you requesting vectors / direct which would cut down on your time. So was your estimate based on your filing or direct route estimate?..route filed, without winds.

Just priced out a panel with 430, GMX-200, STEC 55X…its either that or trade for a Glasair III for much more speed, 220+kts. We’ll see. I want speed. The wife wants what we have now.