Incorrect Flight Time


I noticed for N20TL that there are several very short (<10 minute) flight times recorded, when the actual flight was much longer (these are IFR flights). Also, duplicate entry for 30 Aug from Gnoss to Burbank, but the long flight (actual flight time) gives an error message that it has not yet departed. Any idea why FA is not tracking these flights correctly?


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PS If you post about a flight, its usual here to give a link to the flight.


I’ve noticed this as well. i.e ANZ5 departs KLAX at aroud 11.00PM PST and arrives Auckland NZ at 6.00 PM GMT which is 6.00am local NZ time. However when you look at the completed flite time it says that the arrival was around 1.00PM GMT about 5 hours short…



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International flights often exibit results like you describe. What you are seeing is ATC generating an arrival message when the flight crosses out of FAA controlled airspace, not when the flight arrives at its final destination. This is why the message

At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s service area. Information on this page may be unreliable.

appears on the flight information page. The FAQ page has more information on the handling of International Flights.


CAFlier: Remember that FlightAware doesn’t generate their own info.; they simply use information provided to them by the FAA. If there’s a problem with your flight times, it’s most likely originating with the pilot or ATC, then being relayed to FlightAware with the incorrect information. There are occasional glitches with the FA software, but it’s unlikely to be their fault.


Thanx folks for the info…