inaccurate duration times


Check this log out on 2/23 between ksvh and kpnc. The duration is shown as 0:00. Also the next leg to ONT is shown as 1:05. These are obvious errors. Can FA fix this or is this an error in the data feed?


Unlikely performance for a Slowtation 3, but when the FAA sends departure and arrival messages with the same timestamp there’s not much we can do to display “what really happened.”


Now now… the 650 is not exactly a slowtation with cruise speeds of 465 kt/M.82 or so.

But it can’t teleport either!

Edit: I’ve always found the times displayed somewhat confusing… they appear to be a mix of UCT, EST, CST, etc. It would be nice if all the times were displayed as UCT.

If you’ll look on that page I referenced, the return trips were pretty accurate.


Hi, speedlever. You can set how you want time zones to work in your profile. For example, you can force UTC on everything or 24-hour time instead of AM/PM, etc.



Looking at the profile options, the only times I see that are changeable are GMT and +/- offsets. I presume these times only apply to the times displayed on my forum msgs. They don’t affect the way FA displays Departure/Arrival times, do they?

Edit: Wait a minute! I was confusing the forum profile with the MyFA profile.

Thanks for that tip!


There are two profile pages – one for discussions and one for FlightAware. It’s a bit confusing and we’re going to work on clarifying or combining the two.

However, click my profile link and you can change your FlightAware settings for displaying flight times.


Oops. I see we crossed in cyberspace.

Thanks again for that tip. The flight displays make more sense now.


From my perspective, it’s nice to see forum posts with my local time. But I like seeing the flight displays showing Zulu time. If you combine the profiles, I hope there will be an option to display forum msgs with one time zone and the flight profiles with another time zone.

Next, it would really be nice to pull up a flight track on historical data. I believe I’ve read somewhere that you have that in the works.

Thanks for such a cool site and quick responses to questions.


You can do exactly what you describe by setting your FlightAware profile (linked in my posts above) to one time and your forum profile (linked with the “Profile” icon at the top of the screen) to another time setting.

Now that we have the next generation site out and “resources” starting to launch, getting historical flight tracks online is a real priority.


Yep… that’s what I did. I was just suggesting that if you combine them, that you offer the option to set them up differently.



04-Mar-2006 B764/Q Honolulu Int’l [PHNL] Newark/New York Liberty Int’l [KEWR] 23:02 HST 08:20 EST (+1) 4:18

Again, why is duration time shown as 4:18 hours :question: vs 9:20 as scheduled.


We’ve seen this for some other Hawaii flights that don’t originate from the west coast… for some reason we receive an arrival message when they get to the ocean.