Training (?) Flights


I found this aircraft flying all over the northeast this evening. It hasn’t diverted, so I am assuming that it is either a training flight or a test after maintenance. ExpressJet does this all the time out of TYS, but they have a hangar facility there.


Check the track log starting at 5:15PM and note the altitude drop. Could that be? Doesn’t look like the usual anomaly.


:question: :question: :question: 3:52 latest entry


Wow, that’s not what I saw the first time I clicked on the track log…strange. In fact, I checked back twice to confirm the time. Go figure, the flight track is also totally different. Who can explain that???


When I use Track Log, the times are in: Pacific TZ (My home). I assume that what you see is determined from your profile, and what time zone you reside in. When I looked at the log for 1 Oct. the last entry shows 13:52, and Pacific TZ. Even though the flight took place in Eastern TZ.


Well, you do raise a very interesting question as now we have three different people in three different time zones reporting the flight ended at 13.52.

My track log is set for Central TZ (that is what it sez on the top) KSUA is in FL, I am in MS and you are on the left coast.

Soooo, what time did this flight end as it sure couldn’t have been 13:52 in all time zones???

Since I see it as 13:52 Central, I would have thought Deef would have seen 14:52 and you see it as 11:52 in the logs?

Only way that all three time could see it being the same is if the time was posted in Zulu time???

Irregardless :smiling_imp: there must be an unanswered problem with this particular flight since Deef is not seeing the entries he saw in the past with his question on the descent altitudes.


That’s correct. At the top of the track log should be this:
“All times are in Pacific time to prevent timezone crossing confusion. See flight status page for local times.” If I change my time zone to Eastern then it would have said “All times are in Eastern time…”