Fleets and ADS-B ID changes

There are a couple groups that I track their fleet’s locations, bases, times. What I suspect is the operator can easily change what the ship identifier is, and does so as they are reassigned to a different base. N number stays the same, but in FlightAware I see the fleet ID jump around with no intermittent flight. Make sense? How/where do they go to make these on the fly (pun intended!) changes? Thanks.

What do you mean by “fleet ID”?

If you mean callsign / ident, that’s typically set individually for each flight, it’s easy to change.

Thanks. A good example is CALSTAR Air Medical, a helicopter air medical fleet in California and Oregon, the fleet uses “CMDxx”, with xx being the base number for that ship. CMD2, CMD5, CMD7, CMD14- any of which I can use to track by entering the flight box top center of FlightAware. Each aircraft also has an N number of course- and if you know what ship is at which base, that can be used.

They have a large fleet though- so they often move aircraft around to balance the hours per ship, crew availability, down for maintenance and so forth. So what I can’t figure out is who assigns the Fleet ID and how. Pilots? Control center for CALSTAR? Maintenance folks? Clearly they do these reassignments fairly often, as a ship will magically appear somewhere else with no associated flight getting it there. Make better sense?

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