Are NASA flights blocked by FA now


I keep a list of NASAxx flight IDs in my flightaware but have not seen any flights for several months. By N numbers search it has been the same story. Wentt back several hundred flights from Ellington Field and no flights by NASA nor n with NA suffix.

In the past I saw T38 and WB57 flights regular.


This is a bug in the FAA’s datafeed for flights with 4+ letter callsigns; they say they will have a fix in late March.


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NOAA42 NOAA49 and NASA524 are passing thru Flightaware.
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It only affects the FAA datafeed so if the data is available via another path (e.g. the aircraft is transmitting an ident and it’s been correctly set) then it’s still available that way.
e.g. if you look at NASA524’s tracklog you’ll see that all the data is via ADS-B; there is no FAA radar or arrival/departure data.


Thanks for clarification.


Looks like FAA finally got patch done where NASA passes through