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Trouble shooting

I have 2 feeders running.
The most recent one starts off fine, then will show 0/0 aircraft.
If I leave it a while and restart, it will run ok for a while and do
the same again.
I am thinking of swapping in turn the main parts with the
other feeder. I don’t know where flightaware identifies your
feed from, whether it be in the flight stick, or pi or somewhere else.
So my question is if I go ahead and do this will it cause problems
at the flightaware end.

The identifier is created when you first connect the installation to FA, then it’s saved to the sd-card.

Many thanks for your reply.
I will keep this in mind.

The feeders are identified by Unique Identifier which is also known as feeder-id

You can find feeder-id/Unique Identifier by any of the following three methods.

Method 1
sudo piaware-config --show feeder-id
It will out put feeder id in this format

Method 2
sudo nano /etc/piaware.conf

Scroll down till you see following line:
feeder-id xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

Method 3
From your stats page while you are logged-in:

Look for 32 charcter Unique Identifier as shown in red rectangle in the screenshot below:

I like the replies 1st one very informative and a few more command lines learnt,
and second I see the error of my ways!

This is characteristic of a soft power supply.
Do you have another PSU you can try?

I had a similar behavior after swapping Antennas.

All working, but number of aircraft and messages/sec were showing “0”
Several reboot attempts did not fix it until i verified the dump1090 settings.

For whatever reason the gain was “0” which of course does not give any aircraft. Changing it back and restarting fixed the problem.

Not saying this is your problem, but worth to take a look.

How do you think that happened?
It would be statistically unlikely for the SD card to be corrupted and only the gain setting to be affected (yes?)

I am 99% sure the reason was sitting in front of the computer :slight_smile:

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The nut on the keyboard? :slightly_smiling_face:

yes, something like that… :smiley:

I have swapped power supplies and will see what happens next and go on from there.
Thanks for your comments all.

Power supplies swapped and running for 3+ hours with no dropping out so far so good (hope I haven’t spoken too soon).