Flashing Ads-Winner!!!!!!!

Flight Aware, please, this is not a porn site, drop those flashing ads! Quickly! :blush:

Do you have a screenshot or know who the advertiser is?

My favorite FA “ad-to-hate” was the guy who wrote a book on how to become popular by being a first class a-hole. His “method” supposedly made people love him and want him even more, all the while he maniupulated and treated them like crap. Nice.

Yeah, right :laughing: :unamused: :unamused:

No screen shot, but it is a talking ad that says “congratulations, you’ve won” and flashes with hot pink and lime green colors. Mentioned an Apple Ipod this time. Most of those are scams and not worthy of this site. JMHO.

I got another one (clicked on it) here is the link, if it helps: my.internetgiftpromotions.com/Sp … 8647&se=04

It may be coincidence that you saw it while you were on FA and it’s not connected to here in any way, you might just have a pop-up virus.

I strongly suggest downloading, installing and running Anti-Malware from http://www.malwarebytes.org/

Thanks James, I’m running McAfee and Webroot Spy Sweeper now and have never seen this type of ad on FA before. Maybe it is me. Has anyone else seen these ads?

No, Firefox and AdBlock Plus took care of all of this a long time ago. :smiley:

Sorry folks, I must have been loaded with adware. Please disregard my previous comments :blush:

Thanks to James for that link, did the trick nicely…you da man. :wink:

Aw shucks, twarn’t nothin’.

Well let’s not be so hasty deef…

For those of us who spend all day in the aviation biz and STILL choose to come here on our “off time”, well, maybe we should see what Dr. Phil has to say about that kind of behavior.

(Show me a Spitfire from the right angle and things start happenin’ :blush: )

I guess visiting porn sites will do that to ya, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

LMFAO :laughing:


Ironic, isn’t it? :blush: