Annoying ad

There is a very annoying ad that appears on Flight Aware. It’s a notice that I’m the 999,999 visitor to this site. I’ve been the 999,999 visitor so many times I can’t count them. The ad keeps shaking and you can’t delete it. What can you do to eliminate this ad or advise me how to delete it when it appaears?

The site is free due to ads so we need to all put up with them. I don’t mind because I get great value and someone else foots the bill.

That said, I haven’t seen the “shaky” ad on this site, though I have on several others. Here’s what I do to get rid of it on those other sites: refresh the screen (press the function key F5 if you are using a PC). It may take a couple of tries but it usually works.

If you reload the page, you should get a new set of ads.

Next time you see it please provide a link to the ad image so we can review it.

Ok- I’ll take one for the team:

The ad of which he speaks links here

I agree with Dami, that I am more than happy to view the ads, but I gotta admit, it is near impossible to view the rest of the page with this sucker shaking like a chuhuahua on speed.

Musta changed, no chuhuahua’s on speed…

haven’t seen anything more annoying then the blinking shopzilla ad myself.

I don’t mind ads either knowing they foot the bill, but the shakes and blinks are most annoying to me.


I use Mozilla with AdBlock and I don’t see any ads at all. That’s the case with 9 out of 10 sites I go to.

We’ve banned the ad in question as well as all future “survey” type ads. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Can you do anything about those esurance ads on TV?

Nice work, Daniel.

Firefox. Then Flashblock. Then Ad Block.

If you block Flash, you’re not seeing a significant amount of content on sites that you’re visiting unless you make exceptions for video sites and whatnot.

And if you use Ad Block, you’re taking content from sites without allowing them to pay for your share of what it cost to generate & deliver that content. FlightAware is free because advertisements accompany the content and if you’re blocking the source of revenue, that doesn’t really work.

Flight Aware is by far IMHO the best user friendly sites (and courteous) when it comes to ads embedded within the website.

Unfortunately, it’s the bad sites that make it bad for sites like here that drives people to get all sorts of blockers and stuff like this.

There is nothing more annoying then pop up, pop under (NOT EXPERIENCED HERE), blinking ads, jumping ads that make the world despise advertising.

I truly find the ads on Flight Aware unobtrusive and I do click on ads that interest me from here that are aviation related. I do not click on ads that are not aviation related.

I use Opera at home and I do use it’s pop up / under blocker. Just like TV, it’s a given ads are here to stay, after all somebody has to help foot the bill, and my preference is the companies since they have waaaay deeper pockets then I have.

If I come across a site that has ads in a format objectional (I.E Pop ups), I will go to it’s competitor and check their site out, and if it’s acceptable to me, then I give them my business.

Realistically, the cheapskate I am, if Flight Aware wasn’t “free” to the user, I wouldn’t be investing money in flight tracking as I’d rather put that money go into Av Gas.

So, I do appreciate the companies footing the bill so I can give my opinion here today by clicking on relevant ads germain to this site and I also appreciate Flight Aware’s efforts in listening to it’s users.


Don’t block the ads on FlightAware, pthomas!

FlightAware is a great site and, as Allen says, the ads are not obtrusive. Let’s support FlightAware by looking at the ads every so often.

I also don’t trust ad blockers because they are nothing but mindless programs that can block not only ads but also content that you may want or need to see.

Ad Block plus for Firefox is not a mindless program.

Even better than Ad Block is Flash Block, which will take care of the jumping moving idiocy of flash ads, which is what the thread originator complained about:

Even better than those two is Forum Fixer, an addon that removes all the avatars, signatures, etc. that forum users annoy themselves with.

My guess is that the real revenue for this site is driven by the number of
page views and subscriptions, NOT the number of “click throughs” on the ads.

I come to this site for the enjoyable and interesting content. If I can reduce or inhibit those things on a web page that interfere with my enjoyment, I’m going to do it. Firefox gives me the ability to do that.

I get my enjoyment, Flight Aware gets their 20 page views a week out of me, and I assume everyone is happy.


You don’t earn any money with google ads for page impressions, believe me! I get around a couple of thousand page impressions every day on my blog which also has google ads on it, but the revenue counter doesn’t budge until someone clicks the ad, and that will be how it works here too.

I always spend 30 seconds clicking on the ads when I come to this site because I want the site to remain free to use. My clicking alone obviously won’t generate much revenue, but I think it’s the least I can do to help with the running costs as this is by far the best plane tracking site out there and it’s free! Personally I think everyone who uses this site should spent 30 seconds clicking on the ads each visit as Mark and Dan deserve the revenue they generate. :bulb:


We have both CPM (cost per impression, i.e. viewing) and CPC (cost per click) ads on the site, so just viewing them gets us paid in addition to clicking them.

And of course, we’re always looking for new advertisers (with non-annoying ads!).

Are you sure about that Mark? :confused: From reading the google blurb, it’s actually eCPM which is the effective cost per 1000 page impressions :

[quote=“Google Adsense”]Effective CPM

From a publisher’s perspective, the effective cost-per-thousand impressions (eCPM) is a useful way to compare revenue across different channels and advertising programmes. It is calculated by dividing total earnings by the number of impressions in thousands. For example, if a publisher earned $180 from 45,000 impressions, the eCPM would equal $180/45 or $4.00. However, please keep in mind that eCPM is a reporting feature that does not represent the actual amount paid to a publisher.

Is that the same for yours or am I missing something here?!! :stuck_out_tongue:

We have non-Google ads paying straight CPM.

It’s the NON google ads that are most obtrusive.

Screaming bright red, jittery colors on a soothing blue background turns this person looking the other way rather then even considering clicking on it.

Much more likely to get a click from me if I can read the dang thing without shades 8)


Oh right, okay :confused: . In all the time I’ve been here I’ve never seen them, only the google ads, and I don’t use any ad blockers, only pop-up blockers. …not that I’m complaining, like… :laughing:

No non-Google ads on THIS page that I can see.