Get rid of "Hail a Helicopter"?


Can we get rid of the “Hail a Helicopter” ad that causes the screen to jump up and down when it appears? At least reserve room for it so the screen doesn’t jump?


The ad doesn’t jump around for me.


Nor for me, but on the other hand I don’t see any ads on my home computer :wink: so I have no clue.


Ditto here. No probs with the ad.


I think I understand how this could happen with how ads are implemented on the discussions site – we’ll get it changed.


when I get to discussions index page or one of the sub-divisions, the page pops up, then a 1/2 second later the ad appears causing text to move down,but I have not seen it jump around…

better ad than the ’ meet sexy african women’ :laughing:


Bugging the S%*! out of me also. Using google chrome and just when i’m clicking on a page#, etc the screen jumps and I click the ad. or I have to wait a second every time I change pages in the forum.


it depends on your perspective :wink:


Should be fixed, page won’t jump when ads load.


Indeed they don’t! Thanks guys (and gals).


Thanks, To quote my wife “I guess I’ll keep ya”


Glad it’s resolved. The page re-sizing/re-rendering glitch was our fault and not related to the advertisement from SPOT, a very cool FlightAware sponsor.