FF24Feeder on WIN7pro?

In an attempt to use hardware on hand, I loaded a SDR stick onto an existing WIN7 mini-computer and went through the start up process.

The software seemed to initialize correctly - asking for station LAT/LON and ELV and accepting my e-mail but I did not receive a confirmation e-mail.

I did receive a key and alias and the system seems to be interacting with the network - it is filtering out overlapping AC and correctly time syncing.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have a local HTML site running, so I’m completely “blind” as to what its actually doing and can’t find the feed on the FlightAware site.

Any thoughts on what is happening or how to fix it?

The startup log shows that it “starts” the local server at

I would love to make the existing hardware work - I know a Pi is inexpensive, but I don’t have it at the moment.

You can’t feed flightaware via Windows… And soon you won’t be able to feed FR24 either via Windows.

You could just install Linux on the box or even run an USB-stick linux (Anyone working with the new x86 Raspbian - #232 by abcd567)

If you just want the local display i believe there are windows applications for that too.
For example virtual radar server should work http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk

Oh and you seem to be confusing flightaware and flightradar24 :slight_smile:


you can use adsbscope or VRS to view the data.

Windows flightradar24 feeder to be discontinued May 1st, 2019

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