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Easily feed FlightRadar24 from PiAware

I just wrote a script to easily install the FlightRadar 24 feeder on PiAware. I figured I’d share it here, and solicit some feedback!

No programming or linux experience necessary. Just follow the instructions in the README.md file.


Very nice. I’m feeding FR24 off one of my Pi’s. It’s quick and easy to get going. Did you share your script over on the FR24 forum?

Not yet, I intend to though. was hoping to get some feedback first. I’m only tested it on my 2 Pi’s, i wanna make sure it works reliably before posting it en-masse.

I reboot my Pi’s each morning at 2:30 am local. fr24feed didn’t kick off after the reboot. I’m not sure why. It’s executable. Also, when I run it on the command line as ‘./fr24feed start’ it appears to start but immediately dies. Here’s the log:

*FR24Feed v242 - built on Aug 15 2014/08:32:38
*Downloading configuration...OK
*Parsing configuration...ERROR
[failure]: Missing arguments!

It runs fine with this line in /etc/rc.local:

/usr/bin/fr24feed_arm-rpi_242 --fr24key=sharing_code >> /dev/null &

I’ll try running your install script again.***

I re-did the install script and rebooted. Still no joy. Not sure what the start script is trying to do besides fire up fr24feed_arm-rpi_242.

*FR24Feed v242 - built on Aug 15 2014/08:32:38
*Downloading configuration...[e]Could not connect to feed.flightradar24.com, errno: 101
[e]Could not retrieve configuration from Flightradar24


More info. Is /etc/init.d/fr24feed supposed to contain my FR24 sharing key? It did not. I added it as follows and the script works.


Thanks for the feedback, I see the issue. I’ll post an update a bit later today!


I’ve updated the installation instructions. It was an issue with how the shell was redirecting input/output.

You’ll need to add one more command before doing the installation
sudo rm -rf ~/.fr24feed.conf

The above command will get rid of the incorrectly created config file.

The check the site again, there is an updated README.md file with new installation instructions.

let me know if this resolves your issue, please!

This may be the wrong thread for this but how do I get a sharing key from FlightRadar24 if I am a PiAware, Raspbery Pi installation using palmerit’s piaware-flightradar24 feed software?

Sorry. I didn’t see your post until today. I actually downloaded the deb package from FR24 and got it installed that way, so I’d rather not mess up my installation. Please ask someone else to test the script for you. Thanks.

I’d like to bump the question regarding how to get a sharing key.
FR24 seems very reluctant to give out sharing keys without installing their software. Is there really no other way than to install another feeder software, start to feed and get the key, then remove that software?

I’m not very handy with PC but I have now set up FR24 software in a PC machine. RTL1090 is running and looks like it sees a lot of messages and 9 different ACs. FR24 software just says “Too few aircraft, at least 2 required”.

That is probably a question to ask on the FR24 forums… (You need their software installed to feed to them regardless, so I’m a little confused about what you’re asking anyway)

I have found FR24 forum a bit unfriendly and was just hoping someone here had knowledge of an alternate sign up procedure. Afterall, the thread is about a script that does the complete install on piaware except the signup.

Anyway, for anyone wondering the same - i didn’t find a way. I did a full install of driver, RTL1090 and FR24 software on a PC-emulator. One has to tweak some ports a bit (which is the part that didn’t work for me) and then just wait for a rather long time. Then the signup process is a bit slow, and it takes awhile to get the key. With the key in hand, the script worked perfectly.

If the rasberry version of FR24 accepts ‘–signup’, perhaps palmerit could add that to the script? If no configfile found, then install FR24 but run it first with --signup
If the returned key is sent to standard out, perhaps it is even possible to redirect that to a new configfile straight away

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I found FlightRadar24 to be the easiest of the feeders to start. It can be done manually in less than 10 minutes. The easiest way is to download the .deb and manual from this web site and follow the instructions. feed.flightradar24.com/windows/

Whether you use palmerit’s script or the .deb, it’s really easy and quick. If you’re using an ADS-B USB dongle you will probable receive an error that the receiver is not found when you run ‘service fr24feed status’. Look at the settings in this pic. Use your web browser to change the receiver type to AVR (TCP) (you don’t need to change any of the other settings), press Save, then Restart. You should be good to go. That’s the only gotcha, as far as I’m aware.

Just to add, I’ve found the folks on the FR24 forum very helpful and pretty much willing to bend over backward to help you get your feeder going. Read through this thread. Don’t download the package on the first page. It’s old. Go with the link in my previous post.

forum.flightradar24.com/threads/ … ghtradar24

sorry I’ve not been paying as much attention as I should to this thread, I’ve started a new job and have been focusing a lot of attention there.

I’ll research the -signup option, and if it is available, I’ll add it to the script.

Thank you guys for the feedback. as someone else mentioned, the software is fairly easy to install manually if you have any linux experience whatsoever, this script is simply to make those unfamiliar with linux, feel more confident in achieving the goal.

I really took the worst possible path, signing up via another computer, but I didn’t want to mess thing up by first installing something manually on the pi just to get the sharing key.

Anyway, the fr24 for pi indeed has --signup, so if that wizzard can be incorporated, the script will be a one-stop-shop and a really nice one too!

pi@piaware ~/fr24 $ ./fr24feed_arm-rpi_242 --signup
*FR24Feed v242 - built on Aug 15 2014/08:32:38
Welcome to the FR24 Feeder sign up wizard!

Before you continue please make sure that:

 1 - You have a working receiver/decoder providing Basestation compatible stream
 2 - You know the network address of the data feed (localhost:30003 by default)
 3 - You know your receivers location up to 1 decimal point
 4 - You have a working email address that will be used to contact you

To terminate - press Ctrl+C at any point

Step 1/5 - Enter Latitude  (DD.DDDD)
Step 2/5 - Enter Longitude (DD.DDDD)
Step 3/5 - Enter your email address (username@domain.tld)
Step 4/5 - Enter your the hostname of the data feed (leave empty for localhost)
Step 5/5 - Enter your the port number of the data feed (leave empty for 30003)

Validating form data...OK

The closest airport found is ICAO:ESMS IATA:MMX near Malmo.

Latitude: 55.530190
Longitude: 13.371630
Country: Sweden

Flightradar24 may, if needed, use your email address to contact you regarding your data feed.

Would you like to continue using these settings?

Registration aborted!

Also not wanting to risk messing up my PiAware install, I simply used a Windows machine on the same network and used the Flightradar windows application. You input your email, lat & lon, and then there is one option which has the location of dump1090, which is localhost:3000 by default. I just put in the IP address of my Raspberry Pi and port 3000 and it started picking up planes. Once you track 2 planes it will fire off an e-mail to you with your key.

I then followed the script above and it started working! Piece of cake.

Thanks man! Exactly what I was looking for! Works like a charm with my Raspberry Pi 2, running PiAware 1.2.0.!

Just make a backup image of your SD-card and give it a try. If it’s not working, write back your image and everything is like before.

Finally, I can use the FR24 premium app again on my smartphone. :slight_smile:


I’ve found an easier way to install the fr24 software, and will be updating the script soon to support the new installation method, as well as having it get a new sharing key for new users.