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Feeder found but no stats after 12 hours?

Device is working and is recognized by the main site:

But my stats page has never been updated after 12 hours:

Is there something else I need to do?

Maybe there won’t be any statistics if it’s not transmitting any data to flightaware.

Can you access the device locally to check the map if it is receiving aircraft?
Replace the ip address below with that of the pi.


You can find the IP address here:

It is the address i have here marked bold:

  1. Site 97252 - 32430nkk-k43jl5-=kljslkjdf : PiAware (Debian Package Add-on) 3.5 added Saturday, February 23, 2019 ( /

Yes, it is showing aircraft when I visit that page on my lan.


Can you take a look?

Looks like that particular one is unclaimed:

You have to be logged into FlightAware when you click on the claim link.

I meant take a look at the original post :slight_smile:

You checked one of my sites i removed from my stats page.
(I just posted it as instruction how to find the local IP)

This is mine:

When I login to the claim screen (see first post), it says I’ve claimed it. But then it shows as unclaimed.

The claim link for my account says this:

The site won’t actually appear under your user until you first feed some data.

You have an existing connection that dates back to yesterday, predating claiming the receiver I assume. That needs to reconnect before it’ll associate. Usually this happens automatically when you claim, but it looks like you might have had multiple simultaneous connections or something similar so it didn’t entirely kick you out when claiming.


just powercycle the unit and see if that helps.

Seems somehow it hasn’t got internet access anymore or some other way lost its connection to flightaware.

That’s the only good explanation for it not showing up.

If that doesn’t help you might want to either connect screen and keyboard or activate ssh to check what’s going on.

Bizarre. The site says it’s sending data. Or am I just reading that wrong?

I’ll cycle it when I get home.

I manually killed off your old (guest) connection, so it should start working now.

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We’re up and running now. Thanks.

Glad to hear you are up and running.

For clarity, are your screen shots in chronological order?
Post 8 shows Site 97805 as associated with your account
Post 11 shows site 97805 as unclaimed

Well, the problem is back. I had to reformat the SD card. After getting set up, the pi is working fine but no stats showing up on the FA site:

@obj: Is it needed to kill off my old connection again?

Did you change the feeder id?
Keeping feeder ID on new install

Ah. Thank you. I’ll try that.

It worked. Thanks for the assist!

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