FA says I'm not feeding - PP working - no changes made...


I have a problem - although, I am fairly certain the report email I got is exaggerated. The email I got says: " Your receiver last connected to FlightAware on 30-Jun-2016 08:44AM " Regardless, I checked my status page & it shows I am not getting my data across. However, PP seems to be having no issues (Sharing Complete & my Sharecode is correct, even tried to re-register to no avail - PP up to date & no changes have been done recently… I swore I just checked this a week ago or so & everything was fine.


Sharing arrows showing up and down?

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Yup, & the status in the left hand lower corner shows sharing upload to flightaware.com - then - sharing complete


And your sharecode is still “ke” by the looks of it. I assume FlightAware is still checked in Planeplotter Options > sharing > setup ?


Yup, I even went over the settings to be sure of that. This is really weird…


Being in the situation I am, where would I go from here to figure out what has gone wrong?