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Site - 12089 EGLF

Yesterday 1st Oct my feed to FA via PP stopped. It appears from the statistics others are also experiencing the same problem.

Looking into this. We actually fixed an issue with PP yesterday so this is strange.

Peter, are you currently feeding FA from PP? Other top PP feeders seem OK and actually improved today after our fix yesterday: … stats-4415

Currently feeding 12089/EGLF RTL/Dump1090 (Fp) and have just started 178/EGLF Radarcape G0 (Golf Zero) on another PC.

Sharer Fp
is currently a Master User. is currently a Ground Station has “raw raw” enabled in Options I/O settings according to the information submitted in sharing.
Starting 1st simple poll test… responded to 1st simple poll test
Starting additional simple poll test… also has “raw data” enabled in Options I/O settings according to the information obtained by direct polling.
Starting 2nd simple poll test… responded to 2nd simple poll test (PP535392 raw buffer content = 5244 )
raw data is available in PlanePlotter.Starting regular plane data transfer test…responded to a request for data with 11118 bytes.
Starting raw data transfer test…responded to a request for 250 raw data reports with 250 reports.

This installation is already an approved Ground Station.

From the menu: Options>sharing>setup
Is Enable Sharing to Flightaware still checked?

No problem with sharing via PP with others Joel just FA. PP also reports a successful upload to FA.

Problem under discussion on PP Yahoo Groups

Cheers, Peter


PP shows data uploading to FA but nothing shown for past 5 days. No problem with other PP uploads. Am I alone with this.:unamused:

Hi Peter.
Just to confirm I am in exactly the same position, mine started to decrease from 29/09/15 then last data received by FA was 01/10/15.
PP is working fine passing all the test, FA is ticked and shows on task bar to be sharing to FA.
Mike from FA was looking into it but we never found a solution so he passed it onto tech support but not heard anything 07/10/15.
I am aware of at least two other PP users with exactly the same symptoms.
I have tried various versions of PP but same issue.

Best Regards
Paul H

Sorry we are working on this – very strange and impacting a very small number of people but it’s a problem.

Hi Paul, Dan

Just as I was thinking “They didn’t believe me” :wink:

xsqor5 they didn t believe me 1916 the girl from utah music - YouTube)

This is fixed. Completely unrelated to other issues, it appears somehow PlanePlotter was sending your cookies from your web browser, which was identifying you as requiring HTTPS. Since PP doesn’t do HTTPS, it didn’t work. We now ignore cookies for PlanePlotter data submissions and I see your data is flowing again.

Sorry for the frustration but thank you for staying on us. It looks like this impacted three feeders…very bizarre!

THank you, pleased to be back.

A BIG thank you to you and your team for resolving this complicated issue :slight_smile: Good to be back contributing to this great community :slight_smile:
Best regards

This brings up a concern/question… I’m on the outside, so I don’t know the whole picture. When a PP station connects, is there a username/password challenge? If so, is it now sending it in plain text? :open_mouth:

It always was in plaintext, like a lot of formats (although not PiAware). There is a unique identifier that is known only to the sender.