Ernie Els

Location of Ernie Els Gulfstream N526EE.
On the ground or in the air, either…

On the ground or in the air - take your pick.

Ok, let’s go with Ernie Els on the ground for $500 please.

And the Answer is…

“This person’s post on the website in 2009 regarding the airport location of Els’ private jet lead many people to believe he was a stalker.”

Who is caulfiel Alex?

Ooooohhhhh… Of course that’s the correct answer JHEM but unfortunately you forgot to ring-in, sorry. That brings you down to -$500.

I rang your mother last night Trebek, that should count. (NSFW!)


"Ahhhh Trebek, we meet again…"

One of the funniest series of skits ever on SNL