Enroute times errors?


Continue to find wide errors between enroute time on “all type” page vs actual filed times on individual flight.
N591WA 6/9/08 KCOS- KHII 1:18 enroute ?? vs 4:20 “Duration”.
I know those SR-22’s are fast but…
Love the site, get’s better every month. Jim H


Which time did you see on which page?

An error may have appeared on the aircraft type page between the ETA and the point when we change it to flight result unknown.


Tha “Airborne Cirrus Aircraft” page for example:
N591CD KEWR (Newark, NJ) to KBED (Boston area) in :33
N165SR KPHF-KCHO in only :22 ???
N377SR KSNA (John Wayne) to KAVQ (Tucson) in just :46

First I thought it was time zone errors but that’s not always the case.
Thanks again for following up, its porbalby ujst a simpel proGrming or cOde essue, darn Nicrosft anyhw. JH


That page is for active flights, so it’s ETEs only.

I don’t see any funny durations at the moment.