Error in flight duration


I am tracking a flight and the “miles to go”, " duration of the flight", and “time remaining” under “progress” are incorrect according to the aircraft speed and distance remaining. Why?


This is the type of question that tech support hates. Whenever asking a question for tech support, whether it’s FlightAware or your own company’s IT department, you need to provide something concrete for tech support to look at.

In this case, provide the flight that you are looking at. Use the exact URL, not a generic one, provided that the flight has departed.

Examples of exact flight URLs: … /KDFW/KPNS … /KPNS/KHOU


I would be happy to give you the url if I could find it. Type in N379P and you will see the problem. The times are incorrect and the arrival time is not updated properly.


Just copy the URL from the address bar. The flight from ARW to SAV is … /KSAV/KSUS

Someone from the FlightAware staff should be able to explain what happend.


Thank you for your input. I am new to Flightaware and I cannot find a link to Flightaware staff. Any suggestions on how to notify them?


They quite often read the forums.

To help enhance your enjoyment of FlightAware, I suggest reading the Questions/Answers section (the link is also available at the top right of each screen). Browsing through the forums will also help.

There’s a contact link on the left hand side of each page, about a third of the way down. For technical questions like the one you asked, this forum is the best way to go.


You have been very helpful. Thank you for the information.