Miles to go error

Really I searched!!!
Anyone have an idea why I seem to get this" miles to go" error?
Its been there ever since I have used Flight Aware, but I have ignored it up til now.
Example below.
Well I lost my example, But this is what I mean.
N563JT on a 105 nm flight from KLCK to K22 shows 95 nm and 800 NM to go. This example is not exact on the milages but close.
Any Ideas

Those are anomalies. I checked several flights and they all appeared to be correct as far as distance remaining was concerned.

Late breaking news! I just found one that appears to be wrong. N677GL from CWS to K22 shows as of now (0808 PST) 472 miles to go after completing 269 miles of flight. According to, the distance is I just don’t think the distance between these two airports is 575 miles - far short of the 741 miles you get when you add 269 and 472.

Found the bug, standby.

OK, fixed this on the development side and will commit it to be picked up by the production side over the next 24 hours. The system was occasionally pulling lat/lon data for the wrong airport when the airport code was potentially ambigious. Thanks for spotting this.

I wish all websites and companies were like FlightAware and Daniel Baker.
Thanks for your hard work FlightAware staff!!

Thanks to all that replied, and thanks to Danial for the fix.

I second this!