EG&G looking to upgrade?


… Janet’s got a new B736:

History on this bird:

B737-66N Boeing C/N 28649 Delivered to China Southwest Airlines on 7-24-01 then transferred to Air China on 3-1-03

Registration date with the Dept of Air Force is 10-30-2008, who then registered it as N649MT, then re-registered it at N319BD with EG&G. USAF still owns it, however.

Wonder if they’re looking at phasing out the old CT-43As?



As of today (1 Dec 08), FlightAware shows four flights under for N319BD:

MIA to MIA on 7 Nov
MIA to FFO on 7 Nov
FFO to KTKM on 10 Nov (shown as diverted)
FFO to TQQ on 10 Nov
The last two flights ended the tracking in the TNX area. TNX is where most Janet flights fly to and from.

No flights shown under the older registration of N649MT.


What is TNX exactly? Is this the Tonopah Range Airport, Groom Lake, or somewhere else?


Wikipedia entry on the Tonopah Test Range (TTR). entry on the TTR.


That should have everything you are looking for.

Additionally, Groom Lake (Area 51) has now been named Homey Airport. ICAO: KTXA.



Might now be a bit more quiet in Summerlin for those early 5am flight. :slight_smile:


On those cold winter Vegas mornings you can hear the first Janet 732 heading for TNX across the whole valley. Sounds like a rocket taking flight.


Being up in Summerlin myself, I completely agree. When they were running right traffic pattern entries to 19L/R, I could hear them over my apartment. Now… those VFR climbs to 14000 up to FIDOE is heard by everybody too.



So that’s a -600? I started seeing a couple planes show up across the field in EG&G colors but thought one was a -300. There’s 2 over there now. Not parked in the normal EG&G parking area.



Homey Airport is made up,there is no official listing on any FAA charts,i,i checked the current charts for that sector and even other sites that have airport codes say that the code for Homey does not exist.


Not sure what this has to do with this thread. However, Homey is an airspace fix located in Connecticutt at 41-52-20.7700N 072-35-51.5300W


Groom Lake aka Area 51 is now named Homey Airport. … e_080122w/


Not entirely sure on that. According to TFA and the AOPA, the Jeppesen charts have had it listed, plus it’s been added to the data that GPS units are frequently updated with, so while it might not be listed with the FAA, other sources of authority have it listed. I’d be more interested if any pilots here have it listed in their GPS. If it is there, then it definitely is not made up. While one would marginally trust the LVRJ, I seriously doubt the AOPA would make up anything like this, let alone Jeppesen.



Looks like 2 -600s and a -300 are over there. Only the -600’s have the red stripe.